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Podiatry covers any painful foot condition or mobility problem related to a foot or ankle condition, especially those complicated by conditions such as diabetes or arthritis.

Our podiatrists work to help specific problems and maintain foot health. Our orthotics service helps those who need support or correction for a physical deformity or weakness.  Our teams can give a full range of advice including taking measurements for supportive footwear where appropriate.

Podiatry covers any painful foot conditions or mobility problem related to a foot/ankle condition and especially those complicated by conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. However, NHS podiatry does not include simple nail cutting for social reasons (e.g. just because the patient cannot reach.)

The podiatry service provides high quality expert advice and specialist treatment for conditions affecting the lower limb and foot. Our aim is to improve independence, mobility and well-being across all age groups. At an initial assessment the podiatrist agrees an individual management plan with the patient for an episode of care. It involves the podiatrist and patient working together to achieve the best outcomes to improve foot problems and maintain foot health. Encouragement and support for self-care is at the centre of all that we do.

There are a range of different services we provide to help people with every type of foot or ankle problem. If you aren’t sure which of these specialist areas is relevant, don’t worry as we will be able to use the information you or your GP give us on the referral form to make sure you see the right person.

To make an appointment you can either ask your GP to refer you or you can self-refer.  Please see 'How to See a Podiatrist' below.

How to see a Podiatrist

Details on the clinics available across the county are included below. Please note that we have moved to a single number for appointment and enquiries - 0300 421 8800. The list below gives details of clinic locations:

pdfPodiatry Clinics in Gloucestershire


Online Referral Form

If you would like to see a podiatrist for a foot problem you can self-refer by completing this online form and clicking submit at the bottom of the page:

htmlPodiatry Self Referral Form


Downloadable Referral Form

For those patients who prefer to complete a paper referral form please print the following file, complete, and post to one of the addresses at the end of the form:

pdfPodiatry Self Referral Form

Diabetes service

A comprehensive foot health service is provided for people with diabetes mellitus who are at risk or who have a high risk of foot complications.

Patients who are at low risk of foot problems/complications and do not have any specific foot problems are currently screened and cared for by the practice nurse at their GP Surgery.

Patients with neuropathy and/or impaired peripheral circulation can be referred to community podiatry for screening and advice.

Wound/ulcer clinics

Patients with complex foot ulceration and/or ischaemia should be referred to the podiatry clinics at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital or Cheltenham General Hospital.

In some localities there are primary care ulcer clinics for patients with foot ulcers that are not complicated by ischaemia.

Rheumatology service

The podiatry department provides specialist treatment and advice related to foot problems that occur as part of the systemic progression within some rheumatological diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosis, psoriatic arthritis, etc.)

The podiatrist can provide orthotics/insoles to reduce pain and prevent deformity. There is also a footwear technician present who can help with the fitting of footwear and provide shoes.

Children’s service

We can help with concerns relating to developmental and musculoskeletal conditions of the foot and ankle in childhood. This includes both symptomatic problems and parental concern in relation to the development of the foot in early life. Guidance is provided on the need for orthotic/insole management, appropriate footwear to both aid normal foot function & reduce symptoms together with education and advice on maintaining good foot health from childhood into adult life.

Clinics are run countywide and can be part of a multi-disciplinary setting. Referral to the service can be for any child up to the age of 16 years via your G.P. or health visitor or via self-referral (please see 'How to see a Podiatrist section above).  

Musculoskeletal services

The musculoskeletal service (sometimes called “biomechanics “) assesses, and where necessary, gives advice and/or treatment to people with pain or deformity in their feet or legs arising from muscles, bones, joints and related soft tissues.

It is our role to evaluate the need for appliances, insoles, exercises and footwear advice and guidance in the management of these problems. This may be carried out separately or in conjunction with other members of the Podiatry team or in a multidisciplinary setting.

We have our own podiatry orthotics laboratories and where appropriate can manufacture bespoke insoles or other aids for patients. . Our trained footwear technicians can provide advice and guidance on footwear selection and offer a range of footwear for sale to patients where appropriate click here. Referral to this service is through your GP or other healthcare provider.

Footwear service

Seventy per cent of all foot problems are caused by ill-fitting footwear. Feet should always be measured when buying shoes as feet can change shape over time. If there is any difficulty in getting shoes that fit it is essential to speak to a Podiatrist or arrange to see one of our trained Footwear Technicians who provide a footwear fitting service in a number of clinics around the county.

Our Footwear Technicians provide a personal service; spending time with each individual discussing their footwear needs in relation to their foot problems. They will measure the feet and offer appropriate advice and education about well-fitting shoes. Where appropriate they will discuss the choice of roomy footwear with wider fittings appropriate to the individual’s personal foot type.

We keep a stock of shoes from various manufacturers including Padders, DB Shoes, Dr Comfort and Klaveness and can order in specific shoes following assessment when required.  Well-fitting footwear will be available to purchase. The price of footwear is similar to that paid in a shoe shop.

Minor Surgery

The Podiatry Service offers minor surgery for painful nail conditions such as ingrowing or deformed toenails. Performed under local analgesia, the whole nail can be removed or just the portion of nail that is causing the pain. A chemical is applied to prevent regrowth of the nail that has been removed.

More information is available on pdfthis factsheet.