Below are links to sites offering information, advice and support from a range of regional and national organisations.

I CAN - Children's commuication charity

Glosfamilies directory - Information, support and advice for families, children and young people

Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists – the professional body for Speech & Language Therapists

The Communication Trust - a coalition of 50 not-for-profit organisations supporting children adn young people with speech, language and communication

The National Autistic Society - Information, support and services for people on the autism spectrum and their families

Talking Point - A resource database, library of local services and progress checker, developed by I CAN

National Literacy Trust - An independent charity helping children develop literacy skills

Gloucestershire Total Communication

National Deaf Children’s Society - a charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf chlidren and young people

British Stammering Association - information, inspiration, support and advice for people who stammer

Afasic England - a parent-led organisation helping children and young people with speech and language impairments

The Speech Language and Communication Framework -  a free online development tool provided by The Communication Trust

Down’s Syndrome Association - a charity providing information and support for people with Down's Syndrome