School nursing: Mental health

Mental health is just like physical health: everybody has it and we need to take care of it.
Good mental health means being generally able to think, feel and react in the ways that you need and want to live your life. But if you go through a period of poor mental health you might find the ways you're frequently thinking, feeling or reacting become difficult, or even impossible, to cope with. This can feel just as bad as a physical illness, or even worse.
Mental health problems affect around one in four people in any given year. They range from common problems, such as depression and anxiety, to rarer problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
There is a wide range of mental health issues (you can find a list on website of the Mental Health charity MIND here) It is important that if you have concerns that you talk to someone about these concerns. This may be a parent, teacher or friend. They will support you in getting the support needed.
You can also discuss your Mental Health with your School Nurse. The School Nurse service is provided by the NHS. This services offer a confidential service, they will not disclose information about you to anyone else unless they are concerned about your safety. This would be discussed with you prior to sharing.*
You can access your School Nurse for face to face contact, via a weekly drop-in service that is offered to secondary schools. To find the date and time of your drop-in, please follow this link.

2gether NHS Foundation Trust is the specialist NHS Trust in Gloucestershire for people with Mental Health conditions. You can find out about a range of services for children and young people on its website here.

You can also contact ChatHealth, a text messaging service provided by the NHS by Gloucestershire School Nurses. 
Messages sent to the dedicated number (07507 333 351) are delivered to a secure website and responded to by a GCS school nurse. The service is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.40pm, excluding bank holidays. Texts are usually replied to within 24 hours. Anyone who texts the service receives a bounce back message explaining where to get help if their question is urgent, and when they can expect a response.