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From September 2017, children in reception class and school years 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be offered a seasonal flu vaccination. This will be offered in school as well as other community settings.

The schedule of vaccination sessions has been produced:

List 1 is available here

List 2 for Independent and Special Schools is available here

For the Flu online consent form please click here

The vaccine helps protect children from influenza, which can be a very nasty illness. It may also reduce the chance of adults - especially those at greater risk of flu - from getting the virus from children in their family. In areas where the flu vaccine in schools was piloted, less flu was detected across all age groups.


Flu Vaccine Pilot Results 2014 15


The vaccine will be given as a nasal spray, which cannot cause flu but will build up the child's immunity to the virus. There may be minor side-effects including a runny nose, headache, tiredness or some loss of appetite.

A letter from NHS England about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccination is available here.

One of the pilot areas, Leicester, has produced a short video for children about the vaccination programme. You can view that here.

Information and leaflets on the vaccination are available on the NHS Choices webpage which you can find here.

Information Leaflets

Protecting your child against flu cover

Protecting your child against flu: download it here


All about flu and how to stop getting it cover

 All about flu and how to stop getting it (EasyRead): download it here


 Flu Immunisation information for headteachers

 Flu advice for headteachers: download it here