Your Health Visitor

Your health visitors are registered nurses or midwives; they come from a wide range of backgrounds and have a wealth of experience. Health visitors support  families with young children, we work in teams for a local community and will have extensive knowledge of your geographical area and its services.

This means that we are skilled to help you and your family lead as healthy a life as possible, both physically and emotionally. As a service we use up to date health research and Department of Health guidance - so you can be sure that our advice is based on the latest evidence.

If at any time you are concerned about your child’s health and/or developmental which may benefit from specialist intervention, we would be happy to discuss the options in partnership with you. These may include referral to other specialists such as speech and language therapy, physiotherapy or a paediatrician.

Your Community nursery nurse

Our Community nursery nurses work alongside health visitors and have a range of childcare related qualifications which gives them expert knowledge of child health and development.

Your Public Health Nurse

Our Public health nurses are registered nurses. They work with other professionals to support children with complex medical needs as well as specialist educational needs and their families within the community.

Tell us About Your Experiences

You can tell us about your experiences with the Health Visiting service by following this link to our Friends and Family Test survey