Getting back on track after cancer treatment

A project helping patients take back control of their lives and speed recovery after treatment for breast, prostate or colorectal cancer has proved so powerful it has secured further funding...

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Community Hospitals in the Forest of Dean - Public and Staff Consultation

The 12 week Community Hospitals in the Forest of Dean public and staff consultation ended on 10 December 2017. We would like to thank everyone who has taken part and...

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Pupils from Chesterton School and Powell’s C of E Primary School Cirencester will be taking part in an apple day at Cirencester Hospital next week.

The orchard at the back of the hospital has a variety of different apples. The pupils will be helping to pick those that are left on the trees as well as collecting up the windfall apples. They will then be making smoothies by mixing the apples with other fruits, using a smoothie bike, as well as pressing the apples into juice and sketching the orchard area.

Georgina Smith, Sustainability Manager at NHS Gloucestershire, said: “The orchard area is a wonderful part of the ground at Cirencester Hospital. We wanted to get the local community involved in the fruit from the trees. The pupils from the schools will be able to enjoy their local environment whilst also having fun with the apples. It also helps the hospital ensure rotten fruit isn’t left in the grounds.”

The orchard area of Cirencester Hospital was cleared last year to make it a more accessible space for staff, patients and visitors to the hospital.