Getting back on track after cancer treatment

A project helping patients take back control of their lives and speed recovery after treatment for breast, prostate or colorectal cancer has proved so powerful it has secured further funding...

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Community Hospitals in the Forest of Dean - Public and Staff Consultation

The 12 week Community Hospitals in the Forest of Dean public and staff consultation ended on 10 December 2017. We would like to thank everyone who has taken part and...

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Ingrid Barker, Chair of Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust, elected to Foundation Trust Network board to represent England’s community NHS trusts

Ingrid Barker, Chair of Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust

The chair of Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust, Ingrid Barker, has been elected to join a national board which represents the views and interests of NHS provider trusts.  In her newly elected post as community trust chair representative on the Foundation Trust Network (FTN), Ingrid will be able to influence national thinking about the future of community services.

Under new NHS regulations which launched in April 2013, all NHS trust are expected to become Foundation Trusts. FTN is a membership organisation which represents every variety of trust, from acute and specialist hospitals through to community, ambulance and mental health trusts.

Ingrid Barker said: “It’s a real honour to be elected to this post. The FTN acts as a single voice for NHS trusts, whether through government lobbying and policy setting or promoting shared learning between members to support development to foundation trust status.

“As Gloucestershire Care Services moves toward becoming a foundation trust, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to help influence national thinking with regard to community services and I’m committed to helping our peers across the country who want to offer the best health provision they can.”

Ingrid’s new role starts with immediate effect and she will attend 10 board meetings a year. The independent board of elected members includes chairs and chief executives from a variety of health trusts across the country.