This policy sets out our Trust's position in relation to incident reporting. It promotes the reporting of all incidents, accidents and near misses, both clinical and non-clinical and outlines the reporting arrangements that will be used throughout the organisation such that lessons can be learnt and practice can be altered accordingly.

The policy is designed to meet the requirements of the Care Quality Commission’s essential standards of quality and safety, the NHS Litigation Authority Risk Management Standards and the requirements within the Information Governance Toolkit.

This policy fits alongside the Risk Management Strategy and Procedure, the Serious Incident Management Policy and the Information Governance Policy. In the context of this policy, an incident is any event or circumstance that could have, or did lead to unintended or unexpected harm, loss or damage.

More significant incidents are categorised as ‘Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation’. We have a Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation Management Policy and Procedures, which detail how we will respond.